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News at the JSHMSC

JSHMSC office has moved to a new location

We are pleased announced that we have a new address ; 2350 Yonge street Toronto.

It is located in the next building north of the current address

Please update your database.

New address: 2350 Yonge street, Toronto

JSHMSC takes actions towards victims of the Tsunami in Japan.

May 1-8 Volunteering in Sendai

Sendai is one of the most damaged cities from the Tsunami. Many people have lost their property and are now forced to live in a dormitory with limited supplies. Certain areas still need to be evacuated and people have difficulty maintaining their health.


Don Suzuki, the president of JSHMSC, has gone to this city and provided treatments for people who have suffered from various traumas.

Practice Days

Starting from March 2011, Ted Saito Sensei, who is our association's Director and who first introduced Shiatsu therapy to Canada 40 years ago, is hosting a series of 10 teachings throughout this year, called 'Practice Days.'

1Sunday, March 27, 2011
2Sunday, April 17, 2011
3Sunday, May 15, 2011
4Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Location: Shiatsu Center (720 Bathurst St. suite 502)

Fee: Free of charge

The classes are open to everyone who is interested in studying, or deepening their understanding of Shinso Shiatsu. Saito sensei will highlight and demonstrate various aspects of his system, answer questions and repeat material if necessary. It is an opportunity to bring up problem cases and study them together, in order to get input and supervision, as well as the occasional treatment from colleagues. Please contact Ms. Heike Raschl at heike.raschl@gmail.com or 416-516-6442 for more information.

Shinso Shiatsu Camp

Saito Sensei and his colleagues will be hosting a Shinso Shiatsu Camp in August. The occasion will mark the 40th anniversary of his arrival in Canada. Participants will have an opportunity to study some Chi Gong with Linda Zhu, train in Shinso Shiatsu, meet his colleagues from Europe and the West Coast, sit around the campfire, watch the fabulous meteor showers, and most importantly celebrate Saito Sensei!

In Summary:
Celebrating Ted Saito and 40 Years of Shiatsu in Canada

Friday, 12th through Sunday, 14th August, 2011 (2 nights 3 days)

Ecology Retreat Centre. www.ecologyretreatcentre.com

Approx. $320.00 CAN (includes accommodation, all meals for three days, and one-day of workshop.

Please contact Ms. Heike Raschl at heike.raschl@gmail.com or 416-516-6442 for more information.

Event Report

As an Association, we have participated in trade shows in order to educate the public about Shiatsu therapy. We will be participating in more trade shows in the future. We will inform all members Please join us to maintain your skills and to promote your business!

What is the Japanese Shiatsu & Holistic Medicine Society of Canada (JSHMSC) ?

The JSHMSC is a non-profit organization, which was founded in March 2006 by holistic practitioners people including mainly shiatsu, seitai, anma, aromatherapy, reflexology, thai massage, acupuncturists, and other general holistic practice.

The purpose of the JSHMSC is;

(1) to encourage the development of shiatsu & Holistic Medicine

(2) cooperation and unification of various treatments

(3) to promote interdisciplinary study

(4) to evaluate the general health mankind

(5) to popularize the concept of shiatsu, Holistic Health and Medicine

For Holistic practitioners

The JSHMSC aims to promote a realistic holistic approach to health, help professional in their daily practice, and make available to them, the possibility of meeting and communicating with other practitioners.

For the general public

The JSHMSC promotes a total approach to health, including self-awareness and the development of a self-reliant relationship with Health and Medicine. It introduces the possible treatments available, integrating various “medical perspectives”.

The JSHMSC is an open, flexible organization which strives to include various types of professionals, participating in the development of total, interdisciplinary study, emphasizing actual holistic health care.

* The JSHMSC does not belong to any kind political or religious organization.

What is Holistic Medicine?

The words, “whole”, “relationship”, “connection” and “balance” are now associated with the word, “Holistic”. This concept6 parallels the original philosophy of the Orient.

The JSHMSC defines “Holistic Medicine” as follows;

Definition of Holistic Medicine

1. Holistic Medicine is based on the concept of holistic health.

Human life is regarded as a unity of “body, Mind, Sprit and Chi (Vital Energy)”. Holistic Medicine is based on the total concept of the harmonious whole in relationship to Society, Nature and the Universe.

2. In Holistic Medicine, one’s Natural Healing Power is the main key to recovery.

It is recognized that the Natural Healing Power within each of us is the key to healing. So the basic principal of healing lies in how we can revitalize that Natural Healing Power within the patient.

3. In Holistic Medicine, the Patient is the true healer, while the medical Agent is the helper.

First and foremost, the patient needs to realize his/her natural healing potential. The practitioner is secondary, playing the role of guide and supporter. Patient’s positive attitude toward health is crucial be fore successful treatment can be implemented by a professional.

4. In Holistic Medicine, various ways of treatments are selected and integrated to create the most suitable treatment for the patients.

While recognizing the factual benefit of Orthobox Medicine, various traditional treatments, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Medicine, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, and other alternative medical approaches, such as Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Body Works, are selected and integrated in a harmonious and systematic way to seek the most beneficial treatment for the patients.

5. In Holistic Medicine, self-realization is sought by recognizing deep meaning of illness.

Not looking at a fact like illness, disability, aging and death as an only negative event but recognizing its deep meaning so that self-realization with deeper satisfaction can be emerge in the process of life and death.

Activities of the Japanese Shiatsu & Holistic Medicine Society of Canada

1. Conferences

A. For both the general public and Holistic Medicine practitioners;
(1) Forums
(2) The Special Seminar, “Introduction to Shiatsu & Holistic Medicine”
(3) Workshops
(4) The Annual Symposium on Shiatsu & Holistic Health & Medicine

B. Especially for Holistic Medicine practitioners;
(1) The Research Conference discussing various aspects of holistic approach to health
(2) The study Conference on history and philosophy of Holistic Medicine.

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